Europhile Lords set to interfere on Brexit, defeat government for 15th time

The Lords are shaping up to interfere on Brexit once again today, as they prepare to vote on a bill that could keep Britain wedded to EU environmental regulations.

This amendment would compel ministers to set up “an independent body with the purpose of ensuring compliance with environmental law by public authorities”.

If this gets voted through it would be the 15th defeat in the Lords for government Brexit policy.

It comes after Europhile Lords backed a motion for an EU Customs Union by 348 to 225.

Those Peers who backed the attempt to massively water down Brexit included 3 Bishops, 24 Conservatives, 148 Labour Peers, and 83 Liberal Democrats – despite the Lib Dims only polling at around 7%.

They’re even pushing for a second referendum.

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So, yet again, the Lords wants to stop Britain being able to make its own regulations and policies after Brexit – what is it they’re so afraid of?