EU Parliament: UK must keep open borders til 2019

MEPs in the European Parliament will veto any EU deal that involves ending open borders before the UK formally exits the bloc as late as 2019.

The pro-EU Guardian have been given the story, with the EU’s negotiators gearing up for Brexit talks once Theresa May triggers Article 50 tomorrow.

They want to stop the government from ending mass open door migration during the negotiation period, which could easily mean another 500,000 – 600,000 of net migration before the UK leaves the EU and takes full control over its borders.

It would also mean that any EU migrant wanting to live and work in the UK could do so as long as they came before the end of the two year Brexit negotiation process.

This simply is not on. The Prime Minister cannot allow Brexit to be dictated by foreign MEPs in a joke Parliament in Brussels.

Once again, the option of walking out with no deal is looking distinctly appealing.