European Election poll has Lega/Five Star on 59%

The anti-establishment, Eurosceptic governing Italian coalition of Lega and the Five Star Movement are set to dominate next year’s European Elections.

A majority of Italians are planning to vote for them, with 33% backing Matteo Salvini’s Lega and 26% behind the Five Star Movement.

That means a combined 59% of Italians are set to vote for one of the two. Jean-Claude Juncker won’t be happy.

The Italian government have bashed heads with Brussels, and things escalated once the unelected EU Commission blocked the Italian government’s budget. Democracy, EU style.

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It has led some to speculate whether Quitaly could follow Brexit Britain out the door. Just 44% of Italians in a recent survey said that they wanted to Remain in the EU – the lowest number of any member state country. Watch this space.