European Court of Justice could still rule over Britain after Brexit

The European Court of Justice could still make rulings concerning Britain even after Brexit is completed, according to Damian Green, Theresa May’s deputy.

He said: “If there needs to be some kind of implementation period or transition period in certain areas after March 2019, which I think everyone agrees is quite likely, then the rules that operate during that transition period will by definition not be the rules that we have afterwards.

“But that is a transition period that will last for a limited amount of time for practical reasons that business can have the certainty to carry on as we want it to.”

Naturally, everyone is sceptical of the ECJ holding any sway over Britain post-Brexit, and Green’s comments sparked another division in the Tory party.

William Hague said: “It is clearly untenable for it to rule on the rights of EU nationals in the UK after we have left the EU.”

This is a prime example of how Theresa May’s shocking election result has weakened her hand – allowing the ECJ any jurisdiction after Brexit is a massive sign of weakness. May’s on the brink.