'Europe is capitulating in the face of mass migration' - Paul Joseph Watson

European culture is under threat due to mass immigration – that’s according to Paul Joseph Watson, Editor of InfoWars.

Watson gave an exceptionally rare interview to Westmonster, in which he said: “If you import hundreds of thousands of people a year from a different culture and belief system you’re never going to stem the tide. It’s not so much the terrorism that concerns me, tragic as it is for the people affected, it’s the cultural aspects.

“You had it after cologne, the mayor said walk in pairs, don’t be alone. That’s literally capitulating to the Islamic modesty culture. They’re openly capitulating to the culture they’re bringing in.

“The terrorism stuff is tragic and horrendous, what concerns me more is the day to day grind, the cultural changes. The numbers demographically they’ve imported, this is only going to get worse.”

The full video will be available on Westmonster’s YouTube channel later on.