EU want to keep UK tied into fisheries quotas for years to come

Britain could be tied to adhering to EU fishing quotas during the so-called transition period until 2021, according to The Guardian. 

Apparently EU diplomats are agreed there should be no meddling with the current quota system that’s decimated UK coastal communities.

Basically, the EU wants to dictate to Britain what fish it can and can’t catch within its own waters, while giving it no say whatsoever on the future of EU fishing policy during the transition period. Brussels

One EU diplomat, speaking about Michael Gove’s ‘take back control of our waters’ claim, reportedly said: “We notice Gove hasn’t repeated that recently. Perhaps he has been reined in, because it isn’t going to happen.”

This isn’t Brexit, this isn’t taking back control and it’s not what the British public voted for. What dreamland are Brussels big wigs living in? It’s a classic example of how the EU is just a dictatorship in disguise.

We want our waters back – now.