EU want Britain to 'pay for everything'

The European Union is going to try to have its cake and eat it when it comes to Brexit by trying to force Britain to foot the bill. Again.

Jean-Claude Juncker’s Brexit man Michel Barnier released two documents – one seeking to protect the rights of EU nationals living in Britain and the other discussing the cost of Article 50.

The Brussels approach to any UK deal is sounding, well, expensive.

An unnamed EU diplomat said: “I think our priority is that the UK will pay for everything.”

But then, in the same breath, rabid Europhile and French liberal Sylvie Goulard has the temerity to say “there is no feeling of revenge, we are absolutely convinced that we cannot put the single market in danger”.

It wasn’t Brexit that damaged the single market, rather the creation of a substandard currency, swingeing austerity measures and uncontrolled mass migration.

The bigger the EU Brexit bill, the more attractive no deal looks with its bargain price of £0.