EU tells members to prepare for No Deal Brexit

A leaked internal document reveals the EU has told member states they need to step up their preparations for a No Deal Brexit.

The report, seen by Irish broadcaster RTE, ‘issues strongly worded guidelines to the 27 member states to deepen contingency planning for the UK crashing out of the EU in March next year without a deal.’

The document says: “Drawing up contingency plans for the worst possible outcome is not a sign of mistrust in the negotiations…the (European) Commission hopes for an agreement and devotes very significant resources and committed efforts to achieve this goal.”

“Negotiations, on the other hand, can fail,” it continues.

The report warns countries need to make their own preparations for if talks collapse, as “its consequences will be very real for citizens, professionals and business operators.”

The report will form part of the EU’s response to the Chequers proposal, which it is due to deliver next week. It will be delivered to all EU institutions, and the remaining 27 member states.

Let’s hope the British government are adequately preparing to walk away as well.