EU 'refusing to negotiate' with UK

The European Union are now “refusing to negotiate” with the British government on any deal, Minister Michael Gove has said.

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He told the BBC yesterday that: “I am deeply saddened that the EU now seem to be refusing to negotiate with the UK”.

Gove insisted that PM Boris Johnson “wants to negotiate a good deal” whilst pointing out that the “old deal has failed to pass the House of Commons three times now”.

Interestingly, Gove also said that the government were only looking to “change the Withdrawal Agreement” rather than scrap it, but did once again repeat the line that “we are leaving on October 31st deal or No Deal”.

Less than 90 days to go until we find out if the government are bluffing or not. WTO Brexit is now the clean break with the European Union that the country needs and is heading for – but will Boris u-turn?