EU plans to whack UK with bumper Euro bill

The European Union is planning to sting the UK for a substantial amount of money on the way out of the bloc – to be paid in Euros.

Draft negotiation documents seen by POLITICO confirm that Brussels want the British government to fund the moving of EU agencies out of the country in one hell of a cheeky move.

The document reportedly makes clear that: “The United Kingdom should fully cover the specific costs related to the withdrawal process such as the relocation of the agencies or other Union bodies”.

They also want the bill to be set out and paid in Euros rather than pound sterling.

We know that Jean-Claude Juncker and others in the EU have been eyeing a payout of around £50 billion, apparently with a straight face.

Polls show that the British public don’t support the handing over of any significant sum to the EU, with 64% against paying £10 billion and 52% agreeing that no deal would be better than a bad one that costs the country billions.