EU Parliament votes for dreaded Article 13 copyright directive

The European Parliament has just voted for the controversial proposed directive on copyright rules, otherwise known as ‘Article 13’.

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The new online rules are controversial as it will make online platforms legally responsible for all of the copyright content they host. It will be a complete nightmare for the likes of YouTube and others.

This could result in online platforms using upload filters to ensure nothing that is copyrighted is allowed to be uploaded full stop. It will stifle creativity and could change the internet as we know it.

Today the proposal went through by 348 to 274 votes in the European Parliament.

Prominent YouTube star KSI tweeted: “Article 13 has just passed…RIP.”

Paul Joseph Watson responded by saying: “The EU just voted to end the Internet as we know it.”

YouTube put out a statement that read: “The final version of the EU Copyright Directive is an improvement, but we remain concerned.

“Article 13 could still have unintended consequences that may harm Europe’s creative and digital economy.

“We urge EU member states to keep these concerns in mind as they move to implement the new rules”.