EU Parl President: Brexit will serve as 'deterrent' against others leaving EU

The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, has outrageously claimed that the “majority” of Brits want to remain in the European Union – and that Brexit should serve as a “deterrent” to other countries considering an EU exit.

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In a borderline delusional interview with Germany’s Berliner Morgenpost, Tajani says of Brexit: “The British government says: Let’s go. But the majority of the population says: We want to stay. This is shown by all surveys. I would be very happy if the British stayed in the EU.”

He warns that the “biggest mistake” would be “a chaotic Brexit without contractual regulation” and also insists that a Brexit delay couldn’t go on “by more than a few weeks”, with a final deadline of July due to new MEPs being elected at that time.

Tajani also says of any postponement beyond 29th March that the “British have to tell us a reason for a shift – say they want to use this time for new elections or a new referendum”.

And when asked if he thinks other countries could follow the UK out of the EU, he told Morgenpost: “I think that’s impossible. The example of the British will serve as a deterrent.” The hardline mentality of Brussels diehards plain for all to see.

Conservative MP Greg Hands responded to the interview by saying: “A good example of Brussels’s complete disconnect with UK opinion is this interview with European Parliament President Tajani (in German): he says UK Govt taking people out of EU against their will, and floats an extension dependant on a 2nd Referendum.

“I mean, does he have any idea how badly it would go down to have a second referendum ordered by Brussels?”

The hardline approach by those in Brussels once again underlining why the UK is better off out of the bloc.

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