EU Parl President: Brexit bill "at least" €60 billion

As well as insisting that the EU’s annual budget must be doubled to €280 billion per year, the EU Parliament’s President Antonio Tajani has his eyes set on a huge Brexit payout.

He told Waz: “In my opinion, it should be at least €60 billion. If the EU accepted less, European citizens would have to pay for the difference. But why should the Germans, Italians, Spaniards or Dutch pay the British bill?”

For too long the British taxpayer have footed the Brussels bill and that’s just one of the reasons why the country voted to Leave the European Union.

The government must stand firm and refuse to give in to sky-high financial demands. As Sir James Dyson points out, the government could always walk away with No Deal and force the EU to come back to the table once they have dropped ridiculous such demands.