EU open borders 'made Germany Europe's terror capital'

The mass-immigration caused by the EU open border system has made Germany a terror hub that now threatens the whole of Europe.

Intelligence sources told The Sunday Times that more than 9,000 suspected terrorist plots against European countries have been discovered in recent years.

Since 2015 there have been 1,900 reliable tip offs about potential terror attacks and it’s reported that many suspects came to Germany as refugees.

Once they reach Germany, they can travel across Europe thanks to the open border system, making it a big problem for every EU country.

American intelligence sources say it’s become Europe’s ‘terror hub’.

Peter Altmaier, Germany’s refugee co-ordinator and acting finance minister said: “No one knows exactly how many asylum seekers have left Germany and Europe without being registered.”

The shoddy open border system has put an entire continent at risk and allowed a Trojan Horse effect to creep in. The sooner there are proper border controls, the better.