EU nations to start sending migrants back to Greece

EU countries are to begin sending asylum seekers back to Greece, following the resumption of the Dublin Agreement.

Greece had previously suspended the agreement, telling EU leaders they simply couldn’t take any more migrants, however, as more migrants turn their attention to Italy and Spain, Greece has been able to resume returns.

Transfers back to Greece will be done on a case by case basis, according to the UNHCR, and children will be exempt.

Sky News claims that migrants that arrived in Greece after March 15 before travelling on to other countries are liable to be returned.

Westmonster can’t see this lasting very long before Greece becomes completely overwhelmed with returns. They are already struggling with regular riots at the crowded migrant centres that have been set up.

You have to feel sorry for the Greeks who are once again being dumped upon – after all it Angela Merkel who invited the world to come.