EU guidelines: Stop Brexit competitive advantage and keep 'existing fisheries access'

The EU wants to carry on plundering British fisheries post-Brexit and stop the UK using independence for “competitive advantage”, according to the bloc’s latest guidelines outlining what kind of trade future relationship it wants with Britain.

Two key pillars of Brexit were taking back control of UK waters and choose its own rules and regulations moving forward – principles Brussels refuses to accept.

The guidelines are being put forward by Donald Tusk and represent the EU’s negotiating guidelines on a future EU/UK trading partnership.

Brussels are still insisting that they will only accept a free trade deal with Britain if Theresa May agrees not to seek ‘unfair competitive advantage’  and ensures a ‘level playing field’.

On fishing, the EU’s demanding ‘existing access’ to British waters is maintained in what would amount to a total betrayal.

The British people voted to take back control of Britain’s waters and boost the economy by taking advantage of having the chance to trade globally as a sovereign nation making its own decisions. If these terms are accepted, it is a total Brexit betrayal.

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Responding to the outrageous EU guidelines, Nigel Farage has said: “Unless we take back full ownership and control of our waters, Brexit will have been betrayed. Our coastal fishing communities have this one last chance. Time for Mrs. May to handbag Barnier and say we will take our waters back. This is the acid test of Brexit.”