EU 'expecting May to request three month Brexit delay'

European Union officials are expecting Theresa May to request an extension of Article 50 that pushes back Brexit by months.

The officials spoke to Bloomberg, with a rumoured delay set to span three months. One of the officials said that an even longer push back could be on the table. Brexiteers will be up in arms and rightly so.

The rumour comes as some Tory MPs are pushing for a WTO Brexit to be blocked, which would mean a delay.

It is expected that any delay would still seek to avoid the UK taking part in European Elections – which Nigel Farage has confirmed he would stand in under the banner of his new Brexit Party. The establishment would take an absolute drubbing.

Theresa May and the government have, time and time again, promised that the UK will leave on the 29th March 2019. For Brexit to be cancelled on that date would be shatter authority and trust in politicians. Deal or No Deal, it is time to leave.

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