EU elite pushing 'multi-speed' con

What do you know? Just like that, out of nowhere, the likes of Angela Merkel now apparently back a ‘multi-speed’ EU. 

Of course this is complete nonsense and nothing more than propaganda aimed at quelling growing anti-EU sentiment right across Europe.

We all witnessed just how ‘multi-speed’ the EU is capable of being when David Cameron staked his premiership on EU reform, and got back absolutely nothing.

That’s because the EU is hell bent on full economic, social and now military integration, including disastrous concepts like the Euro and open borders that have caused such huge rifts across the continent.

This blatant electioneering from the premiers of France, Germany, Italy and Spain aren’t going to convince anyone. This is bluster from a group who are about to be turfed out on the back of their own failure and utter blind devotion to the EU project.