EU 'don't think Boris will deliver Brexit on 31st October'

European Union officials do not believe that Boris Johnson will deliver Brexit on 31st October, as he has promised to do.

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The Daily Mail’s Brussels correspondent David Churchill reports that EU officials instead believe that PM Boris would u-turn instead.

The outcome would instead see Boris attempt to sell an amended version of Theresa May’s disaster deal or seek a ‘controlled No Deal’ that would mean the UK wouldn’t leave until at least 2020.

A senior EU source even told the Mail: “A lot of people are scared about Boris, but I don’t think he is the worst of all.

“I think Boris can sell things back home that Theresa May probably couldn’t.

“If people really brief Boris and talk him through the implications of No Deal, I think he will really think twice.”

Whilst another said: “Whatever happens, you’ll probably end up with a short-term extension of two or three months.”

Boris has promised to deliver on 31st October as Theresa May made her 29th March pledge. A politician who breaks their word has no credibility moving forward as the current Prime Minister found out very quickly.