EU demanding 'status quo' access to UK fishing waters

The European Union are now demanding continuing access in British fishing waters for years to come, despite the vow to take back control of Britain’s territorial waters being a key plank of the Leave campaign.

Brussels has its eyes on continuing the current fisheries policy, which has decimated the British fishing industry, in return for a granting a ‘temporary’ customs agreement, according to The Telegraph.

An EU diplomat told them: “It is paramount the UK gives assurances on the access of the European fleet to UK waters before the EU can agree to a UK-wide backstop.”

The Conservative MP for South East Cornwall, Sherryl Murray, has said: “Anything that would tie UK fishermen to the Common Fisheries Policy for a longer period than already confirmed would be totally unacceptable.

“Fishermen are already going to struggle with the current agreement during the transition period. I would not accept any deal that disadvantages our fishermen further.”

Fishing For Leave, a campaign group comprising of pro-Brexit fishermen, have previously described the government’s plan for a transition period as a “abject betrayal”.

Though they cautiously welcomed the government’s Fisheries Bill which vowed to “take back control of UK waters” by pledging to end “current automatic rights for EU vessels to fish in UK waters”.

The concern is with the timescales now involved, given many British fishermen are struggling to stay afloat and want to see the government take back control now, not in a few years time.

This absolutely outrageous EU demand flies in the face of the referendum result and must be rejected. The British people did not vote Brexit to maintain the ‘status quo’ that has hurt so many in our country.