EU Customs partnership 'would be unviable, according to HMRC'

The soft Customs option that would see the UK hooked into the European Union post-Brexit has reportedly been described as “unviable” by HMRC.

Brexiteers have opposed a ‘Customs partnership’ with the EU, with Boris Johnson calling it “crazy” and Jacob Rees-Mogg describing it as “cretinous”.

And now sources have told The Telegraph that HMRC believes the system wouldn’t work and is “incredibly complicated”. It would see the UK collecting tariffs on behalf of the EU and refunding some later.

The ‘Maximum Facilitation’ option is the option now being championed, harnessing technology to ensure Brexit Britain is fully independent moving forward.

Time for Theresa May to drop the soft ‘Customs partnership’ and get real. It doesn’t have the support of pro-Brexit Ministers and clearly wouldn’t work. She should get behind ‘Max Fac’ and focus on delivering.