EU Commissioner: There's an autocrat in the White House

In the latest astonishing anti-Trump outburst from the European Union, German Commissioner Gunther Oettinger seemed to indicate his belief that the US President is an autocrat, likening him to Erdogan in Turkey and Putin in Russia.

Speaking at a conference yesterday, Oettinger said: “Our union is a union of values,.

“We are living in a competition – our values against other morals or values. Take state capitalism made in China, take autocrats working in Ankara, Moscow, or even in the White House in DC.”

A member of Angela Merkel’s CDU party, the the EU Commissioner also said: “If we are convinced that our form of values should survive…then we have to fight.”

This outburst comes as EU Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans tweeted in response to the US election results: “Inspired by voters in the US who chose hope over fear, civility over rudeness, inclusion over racism, equality over discrimination. They stood up for their values. And so will we.”

Whilst France’s President Macron also spoke of the need for a ‘real European army’ to defend the EU from America, amongst others.

Open hostility from Brussels.