EU Commissioner tells Hungarians to defy PM Orban

European Justice Commissioner, Vera Jourova, has told Hungarians to ‘stand up to Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s right-wing government’ after he ordered a crackdown on the funding of various initiatives by open borders fanatic, George Soros.

The EU has long been at loggerheads with Orban’s patriotic government, demanding that they take in migrant quotas or be kicked out of the bloc. The Hungarian PM has insisted that sovereignty should remain in the nation state and has beefed up border controls to keep his citizens safe.

EU Comissioner Jourova said: “I can tell you my fear in Hungary is that there are efforts to decrease the power and the influence of the civil society as such and decrease the political pluralism, which is my opinion.”

Orban has been a vocal critic of Soros, accusing him of funnelling money into various groups in order to undermine democratically elected governments across Europe.

On Friday, Hungarian Minister János Lázár hit out at critics, accusing Soros-backed lobbyists of agitating “political hysteria” and putting pressure on various governments, including the EU, to try and intimidate Hungary.

The news comes as the Liberal Party in Hungary are proposing a motion which would keep Hungary chained to the EU, amid fears that Orban could pull the country out after irreconcilable differences with the Commission.