EU Commissioner calls for newspaper regulation after Sun 'dirty rats' front page

The head of the European Commission on Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality has called on a “European approach” to the media based on “quality and smart regulation” after citing a newspaper front page describing the EU as ‘dirty rats’.

Věra Jourová speaking at the ‘Fundamental Rights Forum’ in Vienna this morning said the media “spread disinformation” and “encourage exclusion”.

She said: “Media should build the culture of dialogue. On the contrary, we see divisions, spread disinformation and encourage exclusion. The Brexit debate is the best example of that.

“Just last week the EU leaders were called dirty rats… almost daily we can find examples of stories that are spiced up to identify an enemy.”

The unelected politician then called for regulation against newspapers: “I would advocate for a European approach to media based on quality and smart regulation if needed.”

Yet another unelected EU politician can’t stand criticism. Brits will be more glad then ever we are leaving.