EU Commission set to reject Italian government's budget

The unelected EU Commission are set to reject the Italian government’s budget, according to German outfit Spiegel.

In what would be an unprecedented measure sure to spark a furious backlash, the Commission can block Italy’s budget. The Five Star/Lega coalition in office are aiming for a budget deficit of 2.4% in 2019.

Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said of the budget: “I am extremely happy, we are keeping our promises, slowly but bravely.”

But now it seems Brussels will refuse to sign off on the Eurosceptic Italian government’s budget, the first time ever this will have happened to any country.

The EU’s Budget Commissioner Gunther Oettinger told Spiegel: “It has been confirmed that Italy’s budget for 2019 is not compatible with the commitments that exist in the EU.”

This emerges on the same day that a poll found just 44% of Italians would now vote to Remain inside the European Union.

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If an elected government can have its policy platform blocked by unelected EU figures, are you really living in a democracy?