EU Commission propose 'reciprocal' fisheries access after No Deal

The European Union have announced that they would want to continue the status quo with fisheries until the end of 2019 if the UK exits with No Deal. They may want that, British fishermen are likely to strongly disagree.

Today the EU Commission announced “a position to grant UK vessels access to EU waters until the end of 2019, on the condition that EU vessels are also granted reciprocal access to UK waters”.

Of course they do – EU fleets land around eight times as much fish from British waters as the other way round, a horrific state of affairs for the British fishing industry.

They explain that: “The proposal also provides for a simplified procedure to authorise UK vessels to fish in EU waters and EU vessels to fish in UK waters – should the UK grant that access.”

Also part of their plan is compensation for EU fishermen with the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for those negatively affected if the UK takes back control of its fishing waters.

These ‘contingency proposals’ are made in areas where the EU say “it is absolutely necessary to protect the vital interests of the EU”.

But leaving without a deal will give the British government freedom to take back control of a 200 mile exclusive economic zone, something that would be a revolution for the UK fishing industry that has been screwed by the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy. It underlines why Brussels badly need a deal with the UK. Independence here we come.

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