EU Commission: "Increasingly likely UK will leave without a deal"

The European Commission has today confirmed it has “completed its no-deal preparations”.

In a press release from the EU’s executive body this morning, Brussels declares “it is increasingly likely that the United Kingdom will leave without a deal on 12 April”.

Outlining the effect that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU without an agreement would have, the Commission confirms the UK would “become a third country without any transitionary arrangements. All EU primary and secondary law will cease to apply to the UK from that moment on”.

It subsequently clarifies that Britain’s trading relationship with EU Member States will be governed by “general international public law, including rules of the World Trade Organisation”.

At the European Council summit last week, Theresa May agreed a Brexit delay with other EU Member State leaders. Should she succeed in Parliament ratifying her Withdrawal Agreement, Britain would leave on May 22. Should her Withdrawal Agreement fail for a third time, we would secure independence on April 12 save for any further negotiations.

An end to the supremacy of EU law is exactly what people voted for in 2016. After three years of dithering, delay and dilution, Britain has independence in her grasp. Let’s seize it!