EU Commission in favour of opening talks with Albania and North Macedonia to join bloc

The European Union is looking to expand in the future, with the Commission recommending that Albania and North Macedonia begin membership talks to join the bloc.

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The EU’s so-called ‘High Representative’ for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, said in a statement that: “The Western Balkans are Europe and will be part of the EU’s future, of a stronger, stable and united European Union. The past year has been a year of positive change, across the region.

“Albania and North Macedonia have shown a strong determination to advance on the EU path and achieved results that are concrete and must be irreversible.

“Based on that, today we recommend that the Council opens the accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia. The European Union’s enlargement policy is an investment in peace, in security, in prosperity and in the stability of Europe.”

The EU’s Donald Tusk said last year that: “I have no doubt that it’s in the best interest of EU and Albania that the entire Western Balkans region is fully integrated into EU.

“The process will resemble more a hurdles race than a motorway. But full integration remains our common destiny.”

It is clear that the European Union is heading only in one direction: more centralised and with a push for more countries to join. The UK is better off out.