Barnier: ‘Brexit Bill talks in deadlock and it’s very disturbing’

EU negotiator Michel Barnier has said talks relating to the Brexit Bill has “reached deadlock” and that’s “very disturbing”.

He made the comments while stood alongside David Davis after the latest round of Brexit negotiations in Brussels today.

It may well be “very disturbing” for the EU, because they won’t get a boat load of taxpayers’ cash.

He went on to say No Deal would be “a very bad deal” – Davis is pushing the line that he wants Barnier to move forward with talks, and that he hopes the 27 member states allow him to progress with regard to trade talks.

Barnier said: “There is a will to build a strong and lasting relationship with the UK. Britain has chosen to exit the Single Market and Customs Union and when the time comes we will talk about a free trade agreement. We will do it as soon as possible but as soon as possible means once we overcome the first stage, sorting out the conditions for an orderly withdrawal.”

Basically, that’s code for “give us a load of cash and we can talk trade”…so not much progress then.