EU army: Plans for land, sea and air forces

Plans are in place to create an EU army under the supervision of Jean-Claude Juncker.

The liberal ALDE group in the EU Parliament, fronted by anti-Brexit mouthpiece Guy Verhofstadt, has put together a dossier outlining plans for a “land, sea and air” force.

The dossier states: “As the very end-goal, the roadmap would aim at building a supranational military force.

“The integrated military forces should be progressively put under a single command, accountable to the EUCO President. As is the case with Eurocorps now, the European Integrated Military Forces would be marked by an EU insignia.

“When committing to the European Defence Union, Member States would also  agree to adapt their internal procedures (including parliamentary consents) so as to give an advance agreement with deployment of certain vital components of the integrated military force.”

The new military would be “fully operational in all dimensions of warfare (Land, Air, Sea, and Cyber). Added should be also Special Forces (chemical etc.) as well as logistical and medical capabilities”.

This must be a kick in the teeth for staunch Remoaners, who were adamant the EU army wouldn’t happen. It means Britain could find itself dragged into foreign wars that serve no tangible national interest.