'EU Army is dangerous and must be stopped', MP warns

The EU Army is dangerous, will be ‘a disaster’ and must be stopped from coming to fruition, Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski told Westmonster.

In a no holds barred interview, Kawczynski said he is absolutely certain Britain will be the first of many countries to leave the EU and added that he knows Eastern European nations are getting sick and tired of Brussels meddling in their domestic affairs.

Full interview here:

He said: “The biggest threat to national security comes from Germany and France demanding to usurp NATO supremacy and create a single EU Army. That would be a disaster.

“The EU doesn’t have a pedigree for undertaking projects successfully; whether it’s the Euro, massive youth unemployment, the crisis in Greece…and to give them the responsibility of protecting Europe through a single EU Army would lead to great instability and a resurgence of Russian aggression to some of these (Eastern European) states.

“As we pull out we have to work with these countries to make sure German plans for a single EU Army are thwarted. We can’t have a defence mechanism that doesn’t involve the Americans and Canadians.”

He added that powerful military forces such as Turkey, Norway, Iceland, as well as Britain, are NATO members but operate outside the EU, so there’s no need to be militarily tied to the Continent.

The Polish-born MP also thinks Brexit will pave the way for other countries to leave the EU: “The Poles are getting very, very agitated about the amount of interference in their domestic affairs.

“We will not be the only country to pull out of the EU, others will follow. Being the first is always difficult but you lay a path for others to follow. As we show the world how successful life is outside the EU, so others when they see this continued interference in their domestic affairs, will follow.”