EU agree to create Eurozone budget

Remaining in the European Union would never have been a ‘status quo’ vote – this is a political bloc that is increasingly expanding its power and further centralising.

That is further evidenced by a new development that has seen the EU sign off on a new Eurozone budget, long championed French President Emmanuel Macron. The guy who currently has a domestic disapproval rating of 76% among his own citizens and has called for a “true European Army”.

Agreed at the EU summit on Friday, Macron responded by saying: “Many thought it was impossible…we were able to obtain a compromise.”

The budget will be aimed at ‘improving competitiveness’ and ‘supporting convergence’.

French officials are already playing up the possibility of the Eurozone budget becoming increasingly large, with one quoted as saying: “If you start by saying I want a trillion-Euro budget that does everything, when people are already against the whole idea, then you’ll never get anywhere.”

This push for a more centralised financial structure comes amid the slowest business growth in the Eurozone for four years.

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This all underlines once more why the British people were correct to vote for a dynamic, independent, self-governing UK outside of the European Union. Politicians need to stop wasting time and deliver that, as promised.