Essex businessman Michael Norcross joins Tories after Leave.EU appeal to Brexiteers

Prominent businessman and property developer Michael Norcross has joined the Conservative Party following Leave.EU’s appeal for Brexiteers to join the party in anticipation of a future leadership contest.

Writing on Twitter, the Owner and Chairman of the Sugar Hut said: “Happy to receive my letter from @Conservatives Party chairman Brandon Lewis today. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Not that I would skin a cat of course. @LeaveEUOfficial #letsmakethiscountrygreatagain”.

Speaking exclusively to Westmonster, Norcross added: “We need to take back control before its too late. We are being sold out.”

It all comes following an appeal put out by Leave.EU urging Brexiteers to join the Tories, despite whinging from Remainers such as Anna Soubry.

With a weak and unpopular Theresa May surely on the way out, who knows when the next Tory leadership election could be? Whenever it is, Brexiteers will be having their say.