Employers raising wages, 'working hard to make themselves attractive to UK nationals'

It’s official – Brexit does mean higher wages and more job opportunities for British workers.

New research from the IHS Markit and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation show that March saw the quickest pay increase for temporary staff in 6 months.

There were also more job vacancies across all categories – engineers and IT workers were the most sought after.

Tom Hadley, Director at the Recruitment Employment Confederation, said: “Employers are increasing starting pay to draw candidates away from current roles into new positions.

“Employers are working hard to make themselves attractive to UK nationals, but they will still need temporary roles to be filled by EU nationals post-Brexit.”

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It’s not rocket science – Brexit reduces the huge influx of cheap foreign labour and means there’s less competition for jobs. This means employers are forced to pay more domestic staff what they’re actually worth. Yet more Brexit good news!