Electoral Commission fine pro-Labour Momentum for breaches of electoral law

The Electoral Commission have fined the pro-Labour group Momentum £16,700 for several breaches of electoral law.

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They have received the highest fine issued to a non-party campaigner for not submitting an accurate spending return.

ElCom have said: “The fines concern an inaccurate 2017 General Election spending return and failures to report donations accepted as a ‘members association’ outside of an election period.

“This includes the highest fine levied on a non-party campaigner for not submitting a complete and accurate spending return to the Electoral Commission. This is the first time that Momentum has been investigated. In order to meet their legal reporting obligations in future, they must ensure they have the right staff and processes in place.”

Elcom concluded that Momentum failed to submit a spending return that was complete and accurate, omitted £22,958.46 of reportable donations from a post poll donation report, failed to provide the required declaration to accompany their post poll donations report and failed to provide all required invoices with their spending return.