Education CEO: White working class lowest achieving, middle class elites don't prioritise them

The CEO of the Harris Federation of Academies, Sir Dan Moynihan, has pointed out that white working class kids are now the lowest achieving group in Britain, but “middle class elites” don’t seem to care.

Speaking to Channel 4 News, Sir Dan said: “When people talk about groups whose achievement need to be improved, people quite rightly talk about gender, they talk about people of colour, they talk about gay rights, LGBT, quite rightly.

“Very few people in the middle class elites prioritise white, working class achievement. It’s not fashionable.”

He pointed out how: “White working class children are the lowest achieving group in the country. They have the lowest attainment unfortunately.”

He has called for society to start prioritising attainment for that white working class kids and says that there needs to be more examples of such people making it to Oxbridge.

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Perverse that meanwhile, media companies have internships that white working class youngsters are barred from applying for. Screwed.