Economists for Free Trade: 'WTO Brexit would boost economy by £80bn'

Economists for Free Trade have published their study into a No Deal, World Trade Brexit and insist that such an outcome would lead to a “significant uplift in UK economic growth over the next 15 years, raising Treasury revenues by £80 billion, enabling a combination of higher public spending and lower taxes”.

The report, which is backed by Jacob Rees-Mogg, also dismisses Remainer scare stories about a No Deal Brexit saying: “Armageddon-style predictions that the EU would freeze out British goods by refusing to recognise them as complying with EU standards in breach of WTO rules and in a worse way than it treats any other non-EU country are simply not realistic.”

An event held by Economists for Free Trade held today in Parliament was attended by Boris Johnson amongst others.

The pro-Brexit group go on to claim: “Over the last 25 years exports to the EU from the four leading non-EU states have grown four times faster than exports from the UK under the single market.

“This fact alone shows why we have nothing to fear from trading on WTO terms. It has succeeded in the past and offers exciting opportunities for the future.  Let Brexit mean Brexit and let us flourish under the auspices of the WTO.”

It’s time Britain took back control, scrapped Chequers and considered leaving on WTO terms for a proper Brexit and full independence.