EasyJet announce over 600 new jobs at Gatwick Airport

Forget the pathetic Brexit scare stories from some when it comes to the aviation industry, EasyJet have just announced the creation of 1,200 new cabin crew jobs. EasyJet confirmed to Westmonster that over half of these will be at based at Gatwick Airport.

There will be further new jobs created at other EasyJet locations across Britain as well, as the airline continues to expand its UK operation.

That’s in the knowledge that the UK will be leaving the single market, customs union and forging ahead with a new global vision. Doesn’t exactly look like business is spooked, does it?

As investment continues to flow into British business and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has dismissed scare stories, it is time certain sections of the press got a grip and stopped predicting endless doom and gloom that seems to have little basis in reality.