€100 Billion Brussels Bombshell

The EU have doubled Britain’s ‘Brexit bill’ to €100bn after Germany and France demanded Britain be punished more harshly, probably to try to prevent others from leaving.

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, had previously demanded Britain pay €50bn as part of a so-called ‘divorce settlement’ before any trade talks can take place.

The revised figure is believed to include post-Brexit payments for subsidies to French and Polish farms, as well as upfront down payments for loans to countries such as Portugal.

Brussels are also seeking to deny Britain a fair share of the assets UK taxpayers have paid for over the years, including a load of real estate.

Westmonster thinks the government should seriously consider telling Juncker where he can shove his bill, and walk away.

Remember, no deal will hurt the EU more than it hurts us, and we have a torrent of countries lining up to do business with us.

Increasingly, it seems like Brussels are trying to make an example of Britain. We should refuse to play their game.