Dyson: Likely UK won't get EU deal, not a problem

Hugely successful businessman and Brexiteer Sir James Dyson has made clear his thoughts to The Spectator, insisting that he doesn’t think the UK will end up striking a deal with the EU – or that it particularly matters.

Speaking to The Spectator, Dyson has said: “I am very confident in our ability to negotiate trade deals outside Europe – with Japan, Australia, China, America and so on – because it’s very easy. It’s just us negotiating with them. It’s very, very straightforward and you don’t have to satisfy 27 other people.”

In terms of an EU deal he has said that: “My view is we almost certainly won’t get a deal. We’ll have to walk away,” but added that he doesn’t think it is a big deal and could be dealt with by lowering corporation tax.

Dyson as a company are putting up massive amounts of money too, investing a huge £2.5 billion in the Brexit economy.

Far from the endless pessimism and panic we see from some quarters, those in the know like Sir James Dyson can see a positive way ahead whether the UK gets a  deal with the EU or not.