Dyson: Don't give EU money, walk away and they'll come to us

Sir James Dyson has once again set out a proper Brexit vision, insisting that the UK was in a “very, very strong position” and that Britain should walk away from the EU without giving them any money.

Speaking on the BBC’s Marr Show, Dyson said: “Demanding billions and billions to leave is quite outrageous,” insisting that in giving his experience in dealing with Brussels “I would walk away, I think that is the only way to deal with them.”

Dyson went on: “There’s no way to deal with them, you have to walk away. And if you walk away they’ll come to us.”

In words that the British government should really be listening to, he ended by saying: “We’re in a very, very strong position, incredibly strong position. We shouldn’t give them any money we should just walk away and they’ll come to us.”

The time has come for the British government to consider walking away and letting the EU come back to us. Their demands for a huge Brexit bill are outrageous and should be rejected.