Dyson: Britain doesn't need EU deal or transitional period

Leave-supporting business mogul James Dyson has said there is nothing to fear from from walking away without a Brexit deal and there’s no need for a transitional period either.

He thinks a transitional deal would be “a muddle” and advocates “a clean break” – and he’s not worried about Britain trading under WTO rules.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Dyson said: “I think Britain is putting forward very positive suggestions and they’re not reciprocated by the other side. I think we’ll have to leave without a deal and that we’ll trade under WTO regulations which frankly are going to hurt europeans more than British.

“We (Dyson) already pay WTO tariff into Europe and it doesn’t hurt us at all, we’re one of fastest growing companies in EU.

“There’s always uncertainty in business, uncertainty is an opportunity. The opportunity here is that the rest of the world is growing far greater rate than Europe so the opportunity to export to the rest of the world and capitalise on that.”

Earlier, on Sky News, he said: “The EU is now down to 12% and in about five years’ time it will be 9% of world trade. The fastest growing sector is, of course, in the far east, China and the far eastern countries where we’re growing by about 80% or 90% a year. That’s where the opportunities are – not Europe.”

When one of Britain’s most successful businessmen says Britain can thrive outside the EU, Remoaner politicians should stand up and take notice.