Dutch ditch Euro?

In a sign of growing scepticism across the continent with regards to the failed single currency, the Netherlands are holding a full parliamentary inquiry into whether or not they want to ditch the Euro.

It is interesting timing to hold the inquiry ahead of the Dutch elections as the anti-EU Geert Wilders continues to lead the polls. This mirrors the trend in France where the anti-Euro, anti-EU Marine Le Pen is also first in the polls.

This inquiry is likely a move to try and paint the dutch political establishment as vaguely eurosceptic in a bid to thwart Wilders, though it is unlikely the Dutch electorate will be fooled quite so easily after years of EU submission.

As the economic catastrophe continues in Greece, which is effectively being held as the EU’s prisoner inside the Euro, attitudes towards mass migration are hardening in Holland. Some 80% of voters are now concerned by the policy of mass migration, something which can only be properly dealt with by withdrawing from the EU.