Dutch and Danish latest to confirm Brits can stay after No Deal Brexit

The Dutch and Danish governments are the latest to confirm that Brits living in European countries will be welcome to stay post-Brexit.

In the Netherlands, Foreign Affairs Minister Stef Blok, made clear on Monday that in the event of a No Deal Brexit there would be a 15-month period during which the government would invite Brits living in the country to apply for a residence permit. As DutchNews.nl report: “‘You can stay’ Dutch tell British nationals”. Plain common sense prevailing.

The Dutch Migration Minister Mark Harbers added: “Britons are very welcome to live, work and study in the Netherlands – also after Brexit.”

Meanwhile, Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said of Brits living in his country in the event of a No Deal Brexit: “Of course you can stay. We are in the process of preparing legislation – which I hope will not be necessary in follow -up to my announcement in the opening speech to the Folketing.”

Rasmussen had also set out in a speech back in October how: “We are employing customs officers and preparing the system. But I want to make it abundantly clear that no matter the end result of the negotiations, we will of course look after the thousands of British citizens living in Denmark today. This is only fair.”

The Dutch and Danish join the likes of Germany, Spain and Italy in pledging that Brits will have their rights to protected, as EU nationals living in the UK have.

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Instead of scaremongering about a No Deal, it is clear that sensible European governments are working with the British government to prepare in a calm and appropriate manner. Those pushing Project Fear really should stop it.