DUP's Wilson: May should stand up to Brussels

Theresa May should ‘dig her heels in’ and play hardball with Brussels because EU big wigs will back down, says DUP’s Brexit spokesman Sammy Wilson.

He told The Telegraph: “When the PM has stuck her heels in, as she did in December, they changed the agreement. As she did in March, when they said they wouldn’t accept the legal agreement, they backed down.

“She should learn from that. Stand up to them. They need the deal, they will back down. Do this kind of thing where you sway with the wind you will come off worse.”

And Wilson also got stuck into the Lords, which have relentlessly blocked Brexit at every possible juncture.

He said: “They not experts. They are a bunch of geriatric members, most of whom are on the EU payroll. You expect them to vote the way they have done.”

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It’s nice to actually hear some passion in politics, a bit of oomph. It’s a shame there isn’t more of that in Number 10.