DUP's Wilson: 'Brit bashing' Irish Foreign Minister using Brexit to try and break-up UK

Plain speaking DUP MP Sammy Wilson has laid into Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coveney, accusing him of attempting to use the issue of Brexit to “break-up the UK”.

His comments are in response to an interview Coveney gave to the BBC’s Marr Show where he dismissed the idea of using technology as a solution for the Irish border post-Brexit.

Wilson has said: “The belligerent, interfering, Brit bashing Foreign Minister of the Irish Republic has once again taken to the airwaves to demand the break-up of the UK using the impact of Brexit on the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic as an excuse to break-up the UK.”

He went further, saying: “The fact is that the border issues can all be dealt with by technology but Coveney and co have stuck their heads in the sand refusing to even consider this solution because it doesn’t suit his aggressive Republican agenda instead he tried to flog his pig in a poke solution to the EU negotiators and force it down the throat of the UK government.

“It won’t work. The IRA failed to dislodge Northern Ireland from the UK with bombs Coveney won’t do it with Brexit.”

As the European Union continues with a hardline approach in negotiations, the DUP have been outspoken in defence of the UK.

Their Westminster Leader Nigel Dodds has previously responded to EU proposals by saying: “The initial reaction is one of amazement that the EU thinks these kind of propositions both on the jurisdiction European Court of Justice and particularly on the Northern Ireland border issue with either us or the British government. Quite frankly, they are in some ways quite offensive in terms of the propositions being put forward.”