DUP's Dodds: Backstop 'poison' makes May's deal 'toxic'

The DUP’s Westminster Leader, Nigel Dodds, has warned once again made clear that as it stands his party will not support Theresa May’s deal.

With the hated backstop still in place, Dodds reminded the government: “The backstop remains the poison which makes any vote for the Withdrawal Agreement so toxic.”

He also points out that Theresa May “should remember that it would already have been consigned to the bin but for her pulling the vote in December”.

As to whether the DUP’s position had shifted, he is not for turning: “So far, the fundamental problems which make this a bad deal appear not to have changed.”

Dodds also urged the government to “stand firm”, hitting out at the EU’s “unwillingness so far to move”.

Support for No Deal is clearly growing, and it isn’t hard to see why. The current deal on the table is a bad one.

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As it stands, MPs will clearly reject it, and the public expect the government to deliver Brexit on 29th March 2019 as promised, with or without a deal.