DUP: Tory Party may want to look for new Leader

The DUP have given their strongest hint yet that the Conservative Party may want to look for a new Leader, as they refuse to back a Theresa May plan that would keep Northern Ireland in the Single Market and the UK in the Customs Union.

The DUP’s main man on Brexit, Sammy Wilson, reiterated that the party could vote down the government’s budget. When Sky News asked if DUP pressure for the government to deliver on their promises could mean a new PM, Wilson replied: “That may lead to a different Leader.

“But that’s not a question for us, we’re not members of the Conservative Party.

“That’s up to the Conservative Party to decide whether there is someone else who can heal those wounds and take the party in a different direction, which would ensure that the agreement could stay in place.”

Wilson has previously made clear that his party “will not be bullied into propping up a soft-touch Government which gives in to the EU’s demands”.

Tory MP Nick Boles soon hit back, saying: “A word in your shell-like, @eastantrimmp Conservative leaders are chosen by Conservative MPs and Conservative Party members.

“Not by MPs of any other party. And we respond no better to threats than proud Ulster men or women do.”

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Theresa May’s EU plan is likely to cause further fury over the coming days. Brexiteers cannot stand by and let this happen.