DUP MP Shannon: Everything is on table, we're not afraid of elections

The DUP’s fury with a Theresa May Brexit plan that would see Northern Ireland remain in the Single Market for goods whilst the rest of the UK left has seen one of their MPs make clear that “everything is on the table”.

Speaking to Sky News, DUP MP Jim Shannon said: “In the next two weeks we’ll be deciding what we’re going to do.”

As for what could happen next? “Everything is on the table. The implications of that are clear. We’re not afraid of elections.”

He urged Downing Street to carefully consider their next move, saying that the “government need to have a long, hard look at our position”.

May’s Chequers plan could see the government brought down and a General Election. She should switch to Canada+ – if not, the Tories may soon be looking for a new Leader.