Drain the swamp!

Following fines and revelations about Tory rule breaking over expenses, Nigel Farage has called for Westminster to “drain the swamp” and for a General Election to be called.

After news that the Tory MP who won in South Thanet (the seat Nigel Farage stood in) has been questioned by police, Farage has said:

“Mrs May should get rid of all who were involved in the South Thanet campaign and call a General Election. She should do so with the absolute promise that time has come to clean the stables.

“As Trump attempted to drain the swamp in Washington, the same thing should now happen in Westminster.”

The pathetic £70,000 slap on the wrist for the Tories isn’t enough. There is clearly a major problem in Westminster that needs sorting out. That, along with the constitutional issues over Scottish independence and an element of Brexit blocking in Parliament all leads to one road.

Time for a General Election!